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In 1565 Francesco dei Medici, son of the Grand duke Cosimo I, married Giovanna of Austria. Cosimo I bought Palazzo Pitti to make it the new residence of the Medici family. But he felt the need to build a hidden passage to move straight from his house to the Parliament (located in the current Uffizi Gallery), without having to pass through the crowded and dangerous street of Ponte Vecchio, which was becoming more and more dangerous.

Vasari was charged with the project of the corridor, which connects Palazzo Pitti with the Uffizi passing over the shops of Ponte Vecchio. Vasari completed the corridor in just 6 months.  Seen from the inside, the funnel-shaped corridor is very narrow, allowing the defence of the passage with just two persons. Several proprietors of the buildings situated in correspondence of the passage protested against the expropriation of the terrain necessary for the construction.

The corridor was decorated with a portrait collection. To visit it you must book with large advance, or you can just see the corridor path from outside, walking beside it from the Uffizi Gallery toward Palazzo Pitti. 


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