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Academy of Florence!

The Academy Museum owes its fame to the presence of the statue of David by Michelangelo.
Originally the sculpture was situated next to Palazzo Vecchio.  Today a copy has replaced the original work, which symbolizes the strength of human beings, their humanist thought, and the liberty of the Republic of Florence.

The marble used by Michelangelo for the statue was meant to be used by Agostino di Duccio for another sculpture. When he gave up the project, he donated the marble block to Michelangelo. The artist replaced the original idea of a young man in the act of defeating the giant Golia without the help of God, with the figure of David, an adult good-looking man.

David’s eyes reflect the inner strength and acute intellect of human beings, whereas the muscles represent the physical power. David turns out to be a paradigm of the Renaissance and humanist thought and philosophy.

As a follower of the new philosophical theories, Michelangelo believed that the marble is a living thing, and it is not the artist that creates the art work, but the piece of marble itself. This concept grew stronger and stronger in Michelangelo’s mind with ageing, and had a deep influence on his latest works.  

The other statues in the Academy all reflect this thought. In fact they are uncompleted (for instance the Pietà) or taken in the act of coming out of the stone. The vision of the statue “imprisoned” in the inert matter and attempting to escape has given these works the name of Prisons


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